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Soleil's Cat Butt Club

Soleil's Cat Butt Club

Join now for exclusive entry to Soleil's Cat Butt Club! To support our special kitty Soleil whose butt has a deformity and requires ongoing dilation procedures ( up to 3 times per year). Otherwise, she is now healthy, beautiful, plump, and has the most expensive butt we have ever known! By joining, you are not only helping Soleil, but you are also joining the ranks of other EXCLUSIVE members of her club. You have options: If you only want 'Some Cat Butt Club', make a one-time entry for $25.00. Want more? Select the Subscription Option 'More Cat Butt- CBC 3 Month Member' for $25 monthly for three months of support.  If you want to go all in to support this club, choose 'MOST Cat Butt- CBC 6 Month Member' for $25 per month for six months for the MOST CBC support!

What do you get? One Tee or Tank with the CBC Logo, Laminated CBC Official Membership Card, CBC Car Sticker, and Brochure with information, including the 'Secret CBC Hand Sign'.

    Price Options
    One-time purchase
    CBC 3 Month Member
    More Cat Butt!
    $25.00every month for 3 months
    CBC 6 Month Member
    Most Cat Butt!
    $25.00every month for 6 months
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