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Fix Erie

Community Cat Collation


November 9, 2020






ERIE, PA. November 9, 2020- The ANNA Shelter, Erie Animal Network and French Creek Animal Rescue have joined forces to launch the 'Fix Erie-Community Cat Collation' to help reduce the homeless cat population in Erie County through trap, neuter, vaccinate and return of feral and semi feral community cats.


“Community cats, also called feral cats, live outdoors and aren’t socialized to people,” said Jessica Kellogg of French Creek Animal Rescue “Neutering community cats is essential to a program called Trap-Neuter‐Vaccinate-Return, which stops the breeding cycle and stabilizes their population.”


Since launching their pilot program on October 1, 2020, Fix Erie has trapped and provided sterilization surgery for 88 local cats in just 30 days, in turn, preventing populations of thousands of future homeless kittens locally. Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR), is the only humane and effective approach to community cats.

While under anesthesia, the cats will also be eartipped—a painless procedure in which the tip of the left ear is removed—to signify they have been part of a TNVR program. All cats also vaccinated against rabies. After recovering from the sterilization surgery, the cats will be returned to their outdoor homes with their designated caretaker.

“So many citizens reach out for help to local rescue organizations for intakes, and there are limits on space and resources available to intake all those in need. This program is a proactive approach to sterilize to stabilize the homeless cat population in Erie County.” said Ruth Thompson, Executive Director of The ANNA Shelter.

Hundreds of communities have adopted official TNR ordinances and policies, and thousands more conduct grassroots, volunteer-led programs. The benefits and effectiveness of TNVR is why it’s the mainstream approach to manage community cat populations.

“Trap‐Neuter‐Vaccinate-Return makes cats healthier, and it ends behaviors commonly associated with mating, like yowling, spraying and roaming, which helps people and cats coexist peacefully,” said Jessica Lybrook, president and founder of Erie Animal Network. “We are building partnerships with shelters and communities to launch Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return efforts that will allow unsocialized cats to live their lives, but also prevent more homeless cats by stopping the cycle.”

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