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Fix Erie is a partnership coalition between The ANNA Shelter, Erie Animal Network and French Creek Animal Rescue to provide a humane solution to control the homeless cat population of Erie County PA.

Feral cats, also known as 'community cats' number in the thousands in the city and county. There are not enough resources to help the homeless kittens that result in the endless litters these community cats produce.  By intervening with a humane trap, and a quick trip to the vet, and a brief recovery period before being returned to their outdoor home, we can stop the cycle and prevent future homeless kittens from arriving, all while allowing the feral cat to humanely live their life with the added benefit of being sterilized and vaccinated. 

By sterilizing the stabilize, Fix Erie will be able to make a dent in population control and prevent the heartbreaking sight of homeless kittens, many of which are not lucky enough to enter rescue care due to lack of space, funds and resources to take them all. 

We are very excited to launch this long needed program for our community. We look forward to your support and seeing you in the community during our outreach mission. 

Ruth Thompson- Director/Founder The ANNA Shelter 

Jessica Lybrook- Director/Founder, Erie Animal Network 

Jessica Kellogg- Director/Founder, French Creek Animal Rescue 

Alison Almeda- Fix Erie Operations & Outreach 

Image by Jana Shnipelson
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